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Emmanuel Rouget

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While trained initially as a tractor engineer, Emmanuel Rouget was hired by one of his uncles, the renowned Burgundy wine producer Henri Jayer, to help tend his vineyards in the late 1970s. He quickly caught on and acquired a passion for viniculture. By 1985, Emmanuel started his own operation out of Flagey and handled vines from one of his other uncles, Lucien. By 1996, Emmanuel also produced wines from the vineyards of a third uncle, George, and those of Michelin star chef Jean Crottet.

All the while, Rouget learned to follow the same techniques taught by Henri Jayer. These include cold soaking of grapes as well as maturing major wines like Nuits St. George and Savigny lès Beaune in new oak barrels. Bourgogne Rouge matures in one-year old barrels, while 50 percent new oak is used for Vosne Romanee.

From his uncle Henri, Emmanuel also learned dedication to ultralow yields. Rouget tends his 7.5 acres without the use of pesticides, hand-plows the vines, and engages in rigorous pruning to achieve highly concentrated flavor. His well-structured wines with red-fruited bouquets are favored by connoisseurs worldwide because of their silky, intoxicating aromas with distinct oak aspect.

Carrying out the legacy of such an icon as Henri Jayer would be a tall task for any one, but Emmanuel continues to answer the bell, and occupies a rare space in the hierarchy of Burgundy. Best known for his Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux, Emmanuel also produces two extraordinary examples of Echezeaux, as well as a stunning Vosne Romanee Beaux Monts.

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