Chateau Palmer

Region: Bordeaux

Chateau Palmer

Region: Bordeaux

A highly sought-after wine label, Château Palmer has a rich history behind it, and wine connoisseurs predict the future will be just as rich.

Much of the land where Château Palmer became established in 1814 had already produced wine grapes for centuries. The brand is named for Major General Charles Palmer, a fast-living Englishman who bought the founding portion of the estate after becoming smitten for the charming widow who owned it. Palmer left the running of the estate in the hands of experienced wine makers, and he mostly lived in England, where he flamboyantly promoted his wine among London's high society.

In the two centuries since Palmer established his wine domain, Château Palmer has changed hands several times, but each owner has seen the rich value in its land and label, and each has admirably supported Château Palmer's high station in the wine world.

Château Palmer's Typical Grape Blend

Château Palmer uses a grape blend that is unique within its region. It includes equal parts of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon fruits mingled with a relative dash of Petit Verdot. This blend sets Château Palmer apart from the other wineries in the Margaux section of Bordeaux. It enables a young Château Palmer to be worthy of consumption on relaxing evenings and a bottle that has aged for decades to enhance a momentous occasion.

Best Vintage Wines from Château Palmer

When it can be acquired, Château Palmer 1959 is a tremendous wine. Harvested after a summer that delivered significant vine stress, this vintage has been deemed "Vintage of the Century" in some circles. This already full-flavored vintage may still evolve after another decade or two in a cellar.

1961 included two late-April frosts, a dry summer and plenty of vine stress. These factors led to shrunken fruits with high sugar and tannin concentrations. Subsequently, many regard 1961 as Château Palmer's best vintage.

Château Palmer has had many good years, and even the price tags on its recent vintages indicate that it is an in-demand wine.

This château only produces two wines, Château Palmer and Alter Ego. The latter uses the same grapes as the former, but its blend allows for a lower price.


Chateau Palmer Wine Sold at Auction

Item Realized
Chateau Palmer 1961 Margaux Mahler Besse stock, outstanding color and condition Bottle (6) ... (Total: 6 Btls. )
Chateau Palmer 1961 MargauxMahler Besse stock, outstanding color and conditionBottle (6)... (Total: 6 Btls. )
Lot 128
Auction 5072
Friday, May 6, 2011
Chateau Palmer 1961 Margaux 1vhs, 3hs, 2lfl Bottle (4) ... (Total: 4 Btls. )
Chateau Palmer 1961 Margaux1vhs, 3hs, 2lflBottle (4)... (Total: 4 Btls. )
Lot 427
Auction 5106
Friday, April 6, 2012
Chateau Palmer 1983 Margaux 5bn, 1lcc, 2lnc, owc Bottle (12) ... (Total: 12 Btls. )
Chateau Palmer 1983 Margaux5bn, 1lcc, 2lnc, owcBottle (12)... (Total: 12 Btls. )
Lot 83
Auction 5106
Friday, April 6, 2012
Chateau Palmer 1961 Margaux ts, lscl Magnum (1) ... (Total: 1 Mag. )
Chateau Palmer 1961 Margauxts, lsclMagnum (1)... (Total: 1 Mag. )
Lot 31
Auction 5163
Friday, December 13, 2013
Chateau Palmer 1983 Margaux 2bn, 2ts Bottle (12) ... (Total: 12 Btls. )
Chateau Palmer 1983 Margaux2bn, 2tsBottle (12)... (Total: 12 Btls. )
Lot 138
Auction 5171
Saturday, September 13, 2014

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Buy Chateau Palmer Wine at Auction

ItemCurrent Bid
Chateau Palmer 1978 Margaux vhs, scl Bottle (1)
Chateau Palmer 1978 Margaux vhs, sclBottle (1)

Auction 221746
Thursday, November 2, 2017

Coming Soon
Open for bidding around November 2
Chateau Palmer 1989 Margaux 1scl Bottle (2)
Chateau Palmer 1989 Margaux 1sclBottle (2)

Auction 5322
Friday, December 1, 2017

Coming Soon
Open for bidding around November 13
Chateau Palmer 1989 Margaux 2lscl Bottle (4)
Chateau Palmer 1989 Margaux 2lsclBottle (4)

Auction 5322
Friday, December 1, 2017

Coming Soon
Open for bidding around November 13

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