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3rd Annual BWC Now Accepting Reservations!

Put your palate to the test against the world's top collectors. Heritage is seeking the best blind taster among our passionate community. Participants will sample 8 world class wines over the course of 40 minutes and earn points for correctly identifying Country, Region, Varietal, Appellation, Vineyard and Producer. The highest score wines and the top three contestants earn a trip to the Grand Finale to taste with other qualifying participants from around the world. There's not an event like it!

Please to reserve your seat or learn more. Space is limited!

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Wine Tasting Schedule

September 16th: New York
September 30th: San Francisco
October 7th: Chicago
October 7th: Los Angeles
October 13th: Hong Kong

Blind Wine Challenge FAQ's

What kind of wines will be poured?

This is a blind tasting geared specifically towards the collector community so we'll be testing you on wines you probably have in your cellar or have at least tasted with friends. Without giving anything away, last year in Los Angeles we poured Sine Qua Non, Lafite, Conterno and more. There are no odd-ball wines from Mongolia, for example (though I'm sure the wines of Mongolia are delicious).

This doesn't seem to be for me, I'm not a great blind taster.

Come anyway! Last year's top taster in Los Angeles had to be talked into participating and she crushed the whole field, beating out professionals, huge collectors and MW candidates alike! Even if your tasting prowess falls short, you'll leave the day having tasted some incredible wines and spent time with a great community of like-minded wine lovers. The scoring system is built so that you can succeed by either getting general information on many wines or by identifying a couple pours with a high degree of accuracy. Either way, the field is more competitive than you might think!

How do I train?

We recommend you stick with the classics like Burgundy, Bordeaux, California reds and whites. Take a look at of our recent wine auction catalogues to get a sense of what we might be pouring.

How are we judged?

Each contestant will receive a tasting booklet upon entry. For every correct answer you will receive a specific amount of points. There will be spaces to record Country of Origin (10), Region (15), Vintage (20), Appellation (25), Vineyard (30) and Producer (35) and a multiple choice option for Varietal (15). A few samples are below:

Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vintage 1990
Appellation/Commune: Gevrey Chambertin
Vineyard Chambertin Clos de Beze
Producer: Louis Jadot
Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Varietal: Cabernet Blend
Vintage 1996
Appellation/Commune: Pauillac
Vineyard N/a
Producer: Chateau Lafite Rothschild
Country: US
Region: Central Coast
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vintage 2005
Appellation/Commune: Santa Rita Hills
Vineyard 3-D Vineyard
Producer: Brewer Clifton

Can I bring a friend?

We'd love to be introduced to any of your friends who collect fine and rare wine and ALL qualified tasters are welcome. Non-participating guests are welcome to the venue too, but wine samples will be reserved for participants only because we only have so much wine to go around. Non-participants can enjoy Champagne, snacks and a comfortable area to sit. If you want to bring a guest, just let us know!

What is the fee?

There is no cost to participate, but space is limited! We encourage you to spend a little money on Uber or other taxi service though!

I'm busy on that day. How do I still compete?

You are invited to join us in another city if you can't make it to your local event! Check out the list of cities and dates above and feel free to join us wherever you travels take you. More cities may be added, so stay tuned!

Ok, I'm desperate to attend. How do I do it?

Reply to with your desired tasting time and city.